About Us

Aziz Nuri Ambulance” provide emergency ambulance service to people with acute illness and pregnancy in Dhaka, as well as Chattogram, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Khulna, Cumilla, Rangpur and all other major citites even in some rural areas in Bangladesh.

We have trained paramedics, and doctors in some cases, and a range of fully equipped ambulance vehicles. Our system operates in a coordinated partnership among various organizations provide high quality pre-hospital medical care. Basic life supports are provided in almost every ambulance while advanced life support services are provided by several ambulance services and all helicopter ambulance services in Bangladesh. These services provide cardiac monitoring, intravenous cannulation, and insert advanced airway system.

Our lives are valuable. It is important to get ambulance service in the country, especially all parts of Dhaka. As Dhaka is the busiest and most crowded city, traffic makes it nearly impossible to reach destination, i.e. hospital or home. Our teams are expert enough to beat the traffic and reach to the patients’ home or to the hospital in a timely manner. You may feel comfortable about our arrangement as all the ambulances are full-furnished with necessary equipment, oxygen cylinders, wheel chairs, stretchers. Each ambulance has a neat and clean bed for the patients. There are comfortable seats for the companions of the patients. We are ready providing you the suitable ambulance service from one district to another.

We provide different types of ambulance. There are mainly – AC ambulance, non-AC ambulance, freezer van ambulance, ICU ambulance, NICU ambulance and air ambulance. We provide ambulance according to your need and patient’s condition. However, the basic ambulance we provide is non-AC ambulance which is cheap and cost effective. The rent of other types of ambulance we provide is cheap too. Be sure that, you get the right type of ambulance in cheaper price and in quickest possible time. It saves time, money, energy and above all a valuable life. Follow this simple process: – Call our number, get the ambulance and get to the hospital; or grab your phone and call the number to get the ambulance and reach home.